Lambrecht Arms is a fully licensed and insured FFL 08 importer of firearms, ammunition and accessories located in Scottsdale, Arizona USA. If you want Lambrecht Arms to import and distribute your manufactured products, please contact us at: [email protected]

Featured Manufacturers:

Best Performance


BPS is a well-established brand across Europe and for the first-time ever, Lambrecht Arms recently got BPS approved by the ATF as a manufacturer and will be the first to ever import and distribute BPS products throughout the USA.

BPS was established by Mehmet Akif Yavasca and Musteba Yavasca brothers, in Balikesir – Turkey to produce explosives and ammunition. The family has been in arms and ammunition trade since 1960’s. BPS has ISO  9001-2015 Certificate, license of the Turkish Atomic Energy Agency, NATO Secret Clearance Certificate and Facility Security Clearance Certificate of the Turkish Defense Ministry. BPS currently produces 41 different types of shotshells for 12-16-20-28-36ga, 9mm blank pistol cartridge, and 9x19mm pistol cartridges.

In 1977, Mr. Erol Catma started his business as a traditional Single Break Action Shotgun Manufacturer.

Catma is now a multi-generational family company which combines traditional Shotgun Gunsmithing with state of the art technology in Beysehir, Konya.